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The Farm Azzollini Giuseppe, that came to the third generation, devoted itself to the cultivation of his own fields, which stretch over an area of about 50,000 square meters in the heart of the North Barese . 

The wisdom and craftsmanship linked to this land and handed down by his  grandfather Giuseppe, his father Sergio, have been unchanged until  Giuseppe Azzollini, who manages the company today with the dedication and competence of those who have a deep respect for the land and for its fruits. 

The genuineness of the products, the constant updating of agro-food innovations and the seriousness in meeting the diversity of business. 

Hydroponic cultivation "our company always in constant updating"

Hydroponic cultivation means one of the techniques of cultivation above ground: the earth is replaced by an inert substrate. The plant is irrigated with a nutritive solution composed of water and the mostly inorganic compounds necessary to make all the elements essential for normal mineral nutrition. The hydroculture allows controlled productions both from a qualitative and hygienic-sanitary point of view throughout the year, furthermore it allows us to reduce to the maximum the use of agro-drugs and to obtain products with zero residue.

We are associated to Campagna Amica, Coldiretti 

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